About Us

Discover the history of our company

Sun Z Trading Sdn. Bhd is Food and Drinks company which was founded in 1999.

The company is based in Malaysia, with our network reaching further than just our base. Our company focus majorly on the distribution of canned food products, and luncheon meat is our main and signature product. We have our very own brand which is YIGE, Our top brand and it has being in existence since the company was established and then recently in 2011, Sun J was added to our brand.

We have reliable manufacturers for our products which is HACCP certified and focus well in the best hygiene which gives us a great confidence in the products we distribute. We are always aiming to provide wholesome and health agreeable food to the consumers by involving advance food science and technology.

Go ahead, spend some time to know our brands and treat yourself to a delicious and healthy luncheons meat meal!
We use old and proven recipes

A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal. - Pat Conroy-

We use traditional and unique recipes that never change all these years, and this is why our distinctive flavour is consistent. We improve the quality of our canned food, but we maintain its unique and traditional recipes.

We have maintained an express focus in pork luncheon meat. This has kept us thriving all these years because we know what the customers want. We don’t stop here as we continue to improve the quality of these products and our food variety. As we pursue our vision to become the most sustainable canned food company, we work to improve the quality of our canned food,and still maintain the unique and traditional recipe.
Our company motto
Relationship before Business

We strive to stay connected to our customers and keep long term relationships with the entire chain of people around us. This ranges from the consumer to the manufacturer and even our employees.
Integrity build trust

We recognize integrity as an important element that build trust and this is what we are committed to doing. This has kept us thriving all these years because we know what the consumers want which is premium quality products at honest prices.
Never stop moving

The world is facing overwhelming food challenges, and we don't stop here as we continue to improve in every espect to meet those challenges with a dedicated team and leading consumer brands.


Best meat

Good products start with good raw materials. Our production is pure with improved nutitional status and based on the use of superior and fresh raw materials.

Advance Technology

We aiming to achieve food security by involving advance in technology which involves: the use of state of the processors, quality ingredient , packaging and storage to meet safety standard.


With a vision to build great brands that are well accepted and appreciated, we focus and ensure it is a careful and hygience process starts from the raw materials selection, preservation, processing, packaging and distribution.


Due to increase in standard of our food products, which makes most of the retailer, wholesale market and hyper markets in east and west Malaysia to trust and find it easy and convenient to buy our products.